Our Design Philosophy

We believe that designing a home is all about designing life – your life – which is why we will be catalysts and co-creators in this journey that we undertake together. We will explore the entire gamut of possibilities for the present as well as the future; we will open your eyes to conveniences that most people usually overlook; we will find space for the things that you and your family like doing rather than just design a regular house; and most importantly, we will figure out how we can marry your dream home with the reality of your budget.

We believe that a well-designed home is where totally diverse people can live together in total harmony. We go all out to understand you and your family so that when we plan each space, we do it with great attention to how it will be utilized and by whom. We respect time-tested traditional values of Indian architecture, the environment and your local heritage. Which is why working with us will ensure that your home speaks volumes about you – without you having to say a word.

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Bring dream homes to life by creating India’s finest network of online architects and empowering them to design life for a family in just thirty days.


Promote harmony and happiness by designing life for one family at a time.


It is said that there is a piece of earth waiting for every person and his/her family, where they will create a space called home. A space that will reflect their unique identities, beliefs and vision of life. A space that will help them express their individual selves as well as their collective self. A space that will celebrate unity in diversity.
It is also said that for each person, there is a preordained catalyst, an architect, who will design this space for him. A catalyst who has the unique skill of understanding another person’s dreams and aspirations and creating inspiring spaces where the other can thrive.
The identity of GrihaMantra symbolizes this inner journey towards the core of one’s identity to discover one’s space and the outer journey to translate this into a tangible reality.
Vaidyanathan Mahesh
Founder – Director
Vaishnavi Krishnan
Jayakrishnan ( Jekre )
Chief Technology Officer
Swaroop Kumar S
General Manager – Projects
Krupa Susan Jacob


G Sivakumar
Project Supervisor
Thangavel Muthusamy

Structural Consultant

P P Subramanian

Electrical Consutlant

P Ramachandran
Plumbing Consultant
Gopal G Nair
Front End and Designer
Akhil Shaji

Software Developer

Anju Krishna
Software Developer
Reshma Lekshmi
JS Developer / Testing
Lilly Nair
Legal & Documentation
Finance Assistant
Maheshwari Sunil
QS & Estimation
Resmy K.G
Front Office & Office Admin


Mahesh N
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Kris Gopalakrishnan
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Prof. J Jayakumar
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